Phone Stack

What is a phone stack? See the image below.

image via dallasobserver
image via dallasobserver

Why would people stack their phones? Because many of us have stopped being able to disconnect from our phones, texts, emails, instagrams, facebooks, etc. to sit through dinner with friends and family.

It’s a silly game but I think an important one. When you roll out your mat at The Green Yogi you are giving yourself a gift to connect with your own body and mind. Equally important is to be in the moment throughout your life with your loved ones. So if that means creating a tower of phones while eating, I’m all for it.

Now there are rules to the phone stack, according to Urban Dictionary.

“Everyone in the group must give up their phones and place them in a pile, stacking them on top of one another. The goal is to then see who can go the longest without their device. Then, whoever caves first, must suffer the consequences of whatever punishment was decided on prior to the stacking. Say you are at a restaurant. Everyone would stack their phones in the middle of the table. It is agreed upon amongst the participants that whoever grabs their phone first must pay the bill.”
Person A – “We’re playing Phone Stack!”
(Everyone’s phones are put in a stack in the middle of the table)
Person A – “Whoever grabs their phone first has to pay the bill!”
*Several minutes pass, and Person B’s phone goes off, and he/she grabs their phone*
Person C – “Hah! You lost! You’re payin’ up!”
Person B – “****!”

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