Prenatal Yoga with Julie Rader

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Prenatal Yoga starts tomorrow at The Green Yogi with Julie Rader! This is a 6 week series, where you have the option to take all 6 classes or drop in to any you’d like. Not only is Julie one of the most talented and knowledgeable yoga teachers we know (she is the yoga teachers teacher!) Julie is especially qualified to lead pregnant mamas on their journeys, considering she has a one year old and a bun in the oven herself.

This Prenatal Yoga series will provide a safe and calming environment for pregnant women to nurture their bodies during this wondrous time of life. You will learn to safely strengthen the body, open the hips, improve circulation, improve quality of sleep and improve digestion.  In addition balance, circulation, and toning will all be improved with postures modified for the needs of each trimester. And the deep breathing and meditation techniques you will learn will be a huge help when it’s time to give birth, trust me you’ll need it! Most importantly, you will connect with your body and baby during this sacred time of pregnancy.

Again, this is a 6 week series that runs every Thursday from 11am-12pm September 19th-October 24th.  Each week Julie will cover a different theme so if you can’t make it to all 6 feel free to drop in to the weeks you can make it. $90 for all 6 class | $18 for individual classes. Click here to sign up now or at the studio later.

September 19 – Find a sense of balance in your changing body

September 26 – Open the hips and shoulders

October 3 – Energize and eliminate fatigue

October 10 – Go inward and listen

October 17 – Strengthen the body and mind to prepare for labor

October 24 – Deeply relax

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