Welcome to The Green Yogi Team!

Here at The Green Yogi we pride ourselves in the talent each one of our team members brings to our yoga studio. We have inquiries all the time asking about teaching positions but it is paramount to us to have teachers that fit our vibe and will create sweat AND bliss filled classes for our yogis every.single.class.

Which is why I’m thrilled to introduce (and take their classes) Ryan James Batiste and Dani Robinson.

Ryan James Batiste

If you look at the name Ryan James Batiste close enough you will actually see the word ‘Namaste.’ Ryan is a natural born yogi, and genuinely embodies what he teaches. Basically…we all want to be around him to soak up his good yogi energy! Ryan discovered yoga at the age of 6 when his father brought him to a Bryan Kest power yoga class in Santa Monica. He was immediately drawn to the endless physical and mental benefits of the practice. After struggling with substance abuse throughout his teen years, Ryan turned to yoga to heal his body and mind through a daily practice of meditation and asana.

Dani Robinson

The lovely Dani has a whole lot of soul, and an equal amount of East Coast sass. She recently moved to Los Angeles from Chicago, right off the heels of her 500-hour teacher training in Bali (with the beautiful and beloved Julie Rader!). Now Dani is thrilled to share her love of creative Power Vinyasa with our beloved West Coast Yogis.

Yoga helped Dani overcome anxiety, doubt, and injuries to her body and heart, and enabled her to find true love and joy within herself. Dani believes deeply that yoga’s healing power can benefit anyone, regardless of age, background or circumstances. Inspired to live Karma Yoga, Dani co-founded a nonprofit effort called Yogis Can Help, which provides cancer patients with supplies and much needed yoga. After a successful trip to Haiti in January 2013, She is returning this November to continue the work they started. Dani is passionate about spreading the healing benefits of Yoga to those who are underserved.

Dani also writes for the Travel Yogi, MindBodyGreen, Spirituality & Health Magazine and is a proud ambassador for YogaEarth and Natural Fitness.

You will be seeing their names on our schedule when our regular teachers need a sub, so get excited and we hope you love our new additions as much as we do!

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