Intuition is in all of us, we just need to know how to listen. When we listen to our intuition we are able to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. Being able to connect with our true selves, sounds great right? I know I’d like to stop making my pro and con lists and just KNOW/TRUST myself already!

Have you experienced those gut check moments? Wether you’re in a positive or negative situation your body is trying to communicate with you. The problem is so many of us ignore all the signs and instead allow our egos to take over.

Which is why we are very excited here at The Green Yogi to be hosting The Intuitive Yogi Workshop this Saturday August 31st from 4-6pm with Julie Rader and Jill Willard! Julie and Jill will guide you in a chakra balance as you explore opening and trusting your intuition and inner guidance. Specific yoga poses and meditative rituals will support you as you learn how to clear your mind and body for a deeper connection to both intuition and your inner wisdom. You can sign up and get early bird pricing ($20 instead of $25 same day) here!

julie and jill
julie and jill

This workshop is the ultimate opportunity to develop your higher intuition and profoundly deepen your meditation practice as you enjoy deep relaxation in restorative yin yoga poses. Hope to see you there!

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