Diet Mistakes We {Women} All Make

Have you ever tried a diet? According to the statistics most likely. Also according to the statistics the diet probably didn’t work. Personally throughout my years as a dancer I dabbled with several: low calorie/high fiber and protein, Atkins, South Beach, skipping dinner, etc. for awhile there I had a love hate relationship with food… But as I matured I realized I could have my cake and eat it too if I consumed whole foods 95% of the time (lean protein, veggies, fruit, raw nuts, nut butters, quinoa, oats, brown rice, olive and coconut oils) and allowed myself to not worry about the other 5% (ice cream, cake, chocolate, wine, coffee). I also have to exercise almost every day for at least 30 minutes, which is why after an hour and 15 minutes Power Vinyasa Flow at The Green Yogi I feel awesome!

This Sunday, August 25th from 3-4pm, at The Green Yogi our favorite Holistic Health Coach, Katie B., is giving a FREE talk about the diet mistakes most women make. The reason it’s geared towards women is because of all dieters out there 85% are women! And spending a lot of money to boot, $20 billion per year, that’s right with a B.

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Here’s an overview of what you can expect to hear Sunday.

1. Dangers of dieting – how and why losing and gaining weight hurts our
body & health
2. why women diet
3. emotional reasons why women eat the way we do
4. the low down on gluten free diets, fat free/low fat/ no fat diets,
fasting, calorie counting, eating more than 6 meals a day, with a show and
tell of foods we buy that are not the best for us and the healthier
alternative option
5. how these diets cause addictive withdrawals and toxic hunger

Along with reviewing diets, Katie’s goal is to help women live their best lives, so she will be sharing tools and solutions to do just that, such as:

1. eat more food to lose weight
2. the best way to eat to maintain and even lose weight
3. understanding your emotions around food

Even if you’re confident with how you eat it might be a great way to educate yourself to help loved ones in your life that are struggling with how they eat. Again this is a free event The Green Yogi is hosting, but to guarantee your spot, click here to sign up!

Hope to see you there!

Be Inspired,


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