Prenatal Yoga 101 with Wendy Garafalo

Wendy, Utthita Hasta Tadasana

Pregnant? Congratulations! Now what?

Being pregnant is a pretty novel experience for most of us. The average woman is pregnant two to three times in her entire life. As a woman you grow up thinking about what being pregnant might be like, but no matter how many other pregnant women you’ve been around nothing can truly prepare you for what it’s like to actually be pregnant. (Even if you already have had a baby, each pregnancy can be totally different!)

Which is why Prenatal Yoga is such an important and luxurious workshop for any mom-to-be. On Saturday August 17th from 4-6pm at The Green Yogi you will have the opportunity to prepare your mind, body and spirit for the many transitions of pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood with Wendy Garafalo, mother of Luca and in October a little girl. In this workshop you will learn ways to modify your yoga practice during the different stages of pregnancy, as well as explore breath awareness and relaxation techniques that can further assist you during childbirth. These techniques will give you the opportunity to connect more deeply to yourself and your developing baby. No matter if you’re a yoga novice or seasoned yogi, all levels are welcome.

In addition there are so few forums for pregnant women to share their experiences and connect with other pregnant women, trust me your coworkers don’t really want to hear about every bizarre thing happening in your body. But other pregnant women will be fascinated and able to commiserate with you because, guess what, they have that same #appearedovernightbrownlineeek! on their tummy too.

And from experience, once you have the baby you have zero alone time except while they’re napping. However, I have friends that have to sleep with their baby while they nap so they really have zero time… The 40 weeks leading up to your delivery are truly sacred. Although there is so much excitement and anticipation to meet your little bundle, having time to yourself to cherish the moment is paramount. Wendy will guide you through techniques to help you relax between decorating the nursery, washing EVERYTHING, and trying to figure out how your breast pump actually works. The more time you make for yourself to relax while pregnant the more at ease and peaceful your baby will be once he or she gets here, I promise. Click here to sign up and see you Saturday!

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