Take Off Your Shoes!

image via sheknows.com
image via sheknows.com

When you witness young children get comfortable the first thing they do is take off their shoes. They walk, skip, and run barefoot. Yogis too. When you walk in The Green Yogi everyone takes their shoes off in the garden and literally takes a load off. At the gorgeous wedding of two of our Green Yogis, Chelsea and Matt Rothert this past weekend, the reception was a blissfully relaxed barefoot affair. Going barefoot is instinctual and oraganic. It’s now even a movement called Earthing.

Earthing is a concept built upon the theory that connecting with the natural energy from the Earth can actually improve your well-being. That’s right, according to research taking your shoes off can actually lessen exhaustion and weight gain.

As the theory goes we absorb electrostatic energy throughout the day. Because most of us wear rubber soled shoes the energy is then trapped in our bodies instead of being able to flow out through our feet then absorbed back into the earth. (If you wear leather soled shoes your good). This extra electrostatic energy (what can make your hair stand on end) does the same thing to your body’s cells wreaking havoc on your inner equilibrium, causing inflammation, even thinning your blood.

So to be “of the Earth” we need to connect physically with the Earth! I know most of us don’t spend our days in shoe free zones like The Green Yogi, but one of the easiest ways to shed your shoes is by taking them off when you enter your home (this is also one of the easiest ways to keep your house cleaner, bonus!)

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