Meditation Benefits

Power Vinyasa Flow paired with ujjayi breath is one of the best physical workouts you can give yourself. At The Green Yogi classes are sprinkled with user friendly yogic philosophy and two deeply relaxing Yin classes on Fridays and Sundays.

And now to build diversity at our studio we are offering a 9am Meditation and Yoga Nidra class every Thursday before the 9:30am vinyasa flow class!

Meditation is quickly becoming the new buzz word in health and medical circles. Meditation is not just for people struggling but also for people wanting to deepen their understanding of themselves and find their maximum potential in life.  In recent studies meditation has been shown to improve energy, health, creative thinking, stress and anxiety levels, even our success.

 If you’ve ever wondered about or wanted to try meditation to enhance your practice and experience now’s your chance. Julie Rader will teach you how to meditate in this 30 minute class designed to calm your senses and restore your mind. You will learn different meditation techniques each week, followed by a 15 minute Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra refers to the conscious awareness of the deep sleep state. It has been found to reduce tension and anxiety, and is equal to hours of sleep. Who doesn’t need more sleep?

Price: $10 per class, or FREE for students attending the 9:30AM class

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