Celebrate Summer

Summer officially begins this week, yay! and at The Green Yogi we’re celebrating with live DJ’s and Power Yoga on Thursday June 20th during Linda’s 6pm class and Jamie’s 7:30pm class, regular class pricing, double yay!

Here in Manhattan Beach we live in a perpetual summer state with warm weather all year round, but the summer months are truly special because of all the extra hours of sunlight we get. Traditionally the summer solstice was a time to celebrate the earth’s fertility and the sun’s blessing of warmth and light, in Pantanjali’s Yoga Sutras 3.26 it’s translated, “One learns from the perfect discipline of the sun and solar system.”

From beach volleyball and surfing to walks on the beach and bike rides on the strand, we can find countless outdoor activities to fill our time in the late afternoons and early evenings of summer. And to experience the best of both worlds is to take advantage of the extra sunlight and still get your yoga in too. The word solstice comes from the Latin word solstitium and translates sol (sun) and  stitium (to stop). So as you use your extra hours of daylight for happy hours to practice yoga this summer, acknowledge how far you’ve already come then set intentions to inspire the life you most want. Use the upcoming solstice as an incentive to purposefully design your summer and, bigger picture, life. Set your intentions NOW and see what has manifested by the winter solstice. Why not?

Tips for a great Summer

Ask yourself some questions 

  • what are you doing in your life right now that’s really important to you?
  • what are you cultivating in your life that matters?
  • how do you stay creative?
  • when do you feel your best?
  • what are you most excited about?
  • who fills your cup most?
  • how do you define success in life?

Make some plans

  • try a new activity this summer, may I suggest yoga if you’ve stumbled upon this blog? I really want to try hang gliding. Every time I ride my bike past the lessons in MB I feel a twinge that I’ve always ignored… not this summer!
  • go somewhere you’ve never been before, I’d LOVE to go to Portugal but would be happy just to try Fishing With Dynamite!
  • have coffee/lunch with someone you haven’t before, see where this new relationship takes you.

Practice Sun Salutations

108 are a lot of salutations, if you can do it, kudos! If not maybe just 8? The Surya Namaskaras (sun salutations) are devotional movements to the sun and all it inspires. By using them as a moving meditation you are offering your salutation to something bigger than yourself, which supports you throughout your journey. Plus you get a great sweat.

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