Take Your Dad to Yoga

I started taking yoga for two reasons.

#1 I was a dancer and thought yoga would be a way to increase strength while maintaining or even enhancing my flexibility.

#2 My dad taught me visualization techniques growing up and I was curious to delve deeper into the meditative qualities of yoga.  (He actually now teaches meditation at the Tushita Kadampa Buddhist Center in Westlake Village!)

So in honor of my dad (hi dad!) here’s 5 reasons why you should take your dad to The Green Yogi or your local yoga studio this Father’s Day and beyond.

1. Stretch.  Men in general, but especially older generations, primarily focused on building muscle and secondarily focused on flexibility. This imbalance has probably already caused some body aches but it’s never too late to get bendy.

2. Zen.  Quieting the mind is important for everyone no matter your age. Your dad might be resistant at first but remind him how you always tried everything he asked you to try growing up, right? and turned look how fantastic you turned out. Being present is a gift that keeps on giving.

3. Muscle.  Yoga is great at increasing length of muscles as well as strength.  Weight bearing exercise, like yoga, is really important for people that are starting to loose bone density. Yoga, along with the right nutritional intake, can keep your dad’s bones thick and strong for the long haul!

4. Love. Share what you love with your dad. By experiencing yoga together you will be bonding while sharing a special part of your life.  Better than any material gift.

5. Inspire. You might think you’re providing inspiration for you dad and initially you may be right. But you’ll probably be even more inspired by him. Unfortunately many men never experience the benefits of yoga because in the west the majority of practitioners are female. But many of yoga’s asanas (poses) were created by men for men. Take your dad to class and witness his ability to listen to his body, increase flexibility, build strength and bliss out!

Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dads out there!

father and son watching the waves
father and son watching the waves

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