LIVE Drumming at The Green Yogi

“Rhythm is the soul of life.
The whole universe revolves in rhythm.
Everything and every human action
revolves in rhythm.” – Babatunde Olatunji

image via bahiayoga
image via bahiayoga

If you haven’t taken a yoga class with a drum accompaniment you NEED to! Tonight at 6pm at The Green Yogi, Julie Rader will be teaching an energizing practice paired with the rhythms of a live drummer.  The class is still 75 minutes of power vinyasa flow suitable for all yogis to build strength, flexibility, and balance the body and mind, but with the added benefit of drum beats and vibrations. Yes please.

Practicing yoga while listening to drumming can awaken dormant emotions and feelings of excitement, peace, and bliss. Drumming has also been shown to decrease depression, anxiety, stress, and can boost immune system functioning physical health. Side effects we all seek!

The first sound any of us ever heard was the beating of our mother’s heart and rhythm of her breath. There are few experiences we all share but this is true for every single human, therefore we all have rhythm. Rhythm is our natural inheritance existing in both our physical bodies and breath, just like yoga.

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