Going Native

I think I might have discovered the new TOMS… They are called Native Shoes and they’re awesome.  They’re not a 1:1 shoe company but every shoe is eco-chic as well as washable, “beast free,” shock absorbent, waterproof, and odor resistant!  The Green Yogi’s candles smell amazing but stinky feet still stink:)

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I discovered them at Bloume Baby in Manhattan Beach when I was looking for water shoes for my son but didn’t want to buy him traditional water shoes because A. they’re not very cute and B. they only have one purpose, water.  Native Shoes on the other hand are great water shoes as well as park shoes, errand shoes, music class shoes, play date shoes, you get the picture.

the jefferson

After being so pleased with his shoes I’ve perused their website and have found MY next shoe purchase, The Jimmy in Torch Red.  I really could have used them like yesterday with this unexpected but pleasant rain we’ve been having though.  I like that they’re unisex, a short boot, and not quite as expensive (cost $90) as the more trendy and traditional Hunter Rain Boots.

the jimmy

What are your favorite well designed eco-chic products?

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  1. And for every pair of Tom’s sold. Tom’s gives a pair of shoes to a needy child some where in the world.

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