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I tend to be wary of labels but I don’t think I’d mind if I was called The Yogi by TIME Magazine, you?

Tamal Dodge, a Green Yogi teacher, was recently labeled as such by the mag and it fits him well.  In TIME’s Health & Family section  asked the important questions about food, exercise, and Tamal’s guilty pleasures.

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Here’s a teaser.

Fitness regimen: “I practice yoga every day, but I make sure it’s a balance. If I do a hard vinyasa flow practice one day, I’ll go more restorative the next. I’ll do something every day. I ride my bike, I surf and swim. Whatever I’m doing, I try to do something that I enjoy. That gives me the motivation to stick with it.”

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We are so proud Tamal is a member of our team, he is not only The Yogi, but founder of the Tamal Yoga School, co-founder of The Yoga Collective, yoga DVD creator, not to mention a husband and father of two kids.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to take one of Tamal’s classes (he now teaches at The Green Yogi on Sundays at 8AM) you should asap.  His classes are a blissful balance between yogic tradition, heat building flow, spot on instruction, unexpected sprinkles of humor, and soothing melodies to drift into savasana.

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