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lululemon athletica inspires people to practice yoga and be active.  lululemon athletica is successful by selling yoga clothes and activewear.  It’s a genius business model, get people hooked on yoga and exercise then provide them with high performing and super flattering apparel.  Why didn’t I think of that?

The company’s newest inspiration comes in the form of a FREE iPhone app called “om finder.”  With a comprehensive list of yoga classes (The Green Yogi is on there of course!) as well as calendar scheduling options, teacher favorites, friend messenger, yogi reviews, and map capabilities it is your go-to app for yoga no matter where you are.  If you’re looking to discover new studios, try new teachers, have to travel for work, or are out of town on holiday, it’s aptly named to help you find your OM!

To download the app go to the App Store on your iPhone and search om finder – this link should appear. Once you have downloaded sign in and figure out where and when you’re going to practice today.

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