Have you had any pranks played on you yet?  So far I’ve had a pregnancy prank, a kitty litter prank, and unfortunately the all too real “I’m not going to sleep tonight mommy” prank.

Yoga doesn’t have to be serious, at The Green Yogi, we love our yoga but love having a good laugh too.  Whether you’ve fallen victim to an April Fools hoax yet or not, let yourself have a laugh, it will not only cheer you up but can improve your health as well.

Laughing will

  • boost immunity (by increasing anti-body T cells)
  • reduce pain (by releasing endorphins)
  • enhance your social life (make friends by making them laugh)
  • relieve depression (by reducing anxiety and stress)
  • protect your heart (helps blood flow around your body)

By the way did you know Whole Foods will no longer be selling kale, something about it being too processed?  Happy April Fools!

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