Arm Balances

When your Green Yogi teacher asks at the beginning of class if there’s anything you’d like to work on do you find yourself craving strength in your core and upper body with a nice dose of body control and mental focus?  If so, you want to take a load off your feet and get on your arms.  SPOILER ALERT…  at the end of this post get details on The Green Yogi‘s Arm Balance Workshop!

even my 1 year old likes to practice arm balances

Arm balances are the ultimate tool to strengthen and tone your upper limbs, while targeting your innermost abdominals (transversus abdominis), and bringing a laser focus to your thoughts as well as conquering fears and eliminating mental obstacles on and off the mat, sounds good right?

The long term physical benefits are important and awesome.  Especially since us yoginis tend not to perform as many weight bearing tasks day to day our upper body bones as a consequence are more injury prone.  By taking our weight into our arms and hands our bones are given opportunities to hold ourselves up and get strong from the inside out, fighting off osteoporosis that plagues many later in life.  Just think by balancing in Bakasana (crow) we’ll be able to carry our reusable grocery bags up 2 flights of stairs to our Manhattan Beach condos for decades to come!

For all yogis our core is where our physical strength originates, unless you’re a hockey player and have what lululemon athletica calls “hockey butt” 🙂 The first layer of our abdominal wall is like a corset, protecting our vital organs, compressing our ribs, while giving us a nice flat tummy to boot.  These core muscles are not the 6-pack abs you may covet but rather paramount to your holistic health, and if you have a super strong inner core the 6-packish look will come as a nice benefit.

Our mental strength stems from our thoughts.  For some reason many of us stop trying new things at one point or another in our lives.  Fear of failure can be paralyzing, basically we get cozy in our comfort zones.  But trying and learning are the opposites of failure.  Through the process of exploring new poses and things in life you open yourself up to a new way of thinking, by eliminating the cloud of fear you will see all your possibilities.

Still not sure where to start your arm balance practice?

PLANK.  True part of your feet are on the earth but your upper body and core are working hard and it’s the first step on your path to balance on your arms and stand on your hands.

If you’re ready for more and want to Advance Your Practice join Linda Baffa Saturday March 30th from 3:30-6pm for an Arm Balance Workshop at The Green Yogi, you can sign up here.  You will vinyasa your way through the joys and benefits of taking a load off your feet and balancing on your arms!

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