Sun Salutations

Sun Pillar
Sun Pillar (Photo credit: tomhe)

Isn’t it amazing what another hour of daylight in the afternoon does to our mood?  Since Daylight Savings Time went into effect early Sunday there’s an extra bounce in my step and lightness in my heart, I am a California yogi and LOVE THE SUN!  always responsibly of course slathered in SPF 30 and a hat…

Since Earth’s inception the Sun has played a major role in our planet’s life and yogis have been paying homage to it for centuries with Surya Namskar, also know as Sun Salutations.  In our practice we are physically creating heat but we are literally bowing to our primary light source, which Hindus call the “eye of the world” and believe to be both the physical and spiritual heart of our world and creator of life itself.

Traditionally we start and end each Sun Salutation with our hands pressed together at our heart, this mudra not only signifies namaste but represents the truth only our hearts can know.  We honor the sun in this moving meditation as ancient yogis believed each of us replicates the world itself embodying all of nature; mountains, fields, rivers, oceans, stars, planets, the moon and our closest star, the sun.  I like to think our inner sun represents our spiritual heart and is the origin of our purity, consciousness, and wisdom.

It may seem strange to some that in yoga wisdom doesn’t originate in the brain, or maybe that was just me back in the day…  In yoga our brain is associated with the moon, reflecting the light from the sun but not generating any on it’s own.  Our brain is limited like the moon and prone to misconception, our heart like the sun should guide us.

Yoga Lesson?  Salute the Sun! Tadasana (mountain),  Urdhva Hastasana (upward salute), Uttanasana (forward bend), jump or step back, PlankChaturanga DandasanaUrdhva Mukha Svanasana (up dog), Adho Mukha Svanasana (down dog), repeat at least 3 times the for good measure move on to Surya Namskar B!

Life Lesson? Don’t over think your decisions, listen to your heart to light your path.

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P.S. This has been one of my favorite songs in a yoga class forever and is now my go to lullaby for my son.  I think it perfectly describes what those Hindu yogis were thinking back in the day! Click here to listen.

may the long time sun
shine upon you
all love surround you
and the pure light
within you
guide your way on
guide your way on

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