Erik Lorig, Green Yogi of The Month


Meet Erik Lorig, Tampa Buccaneer Defensive End and our Green Yogi for March.  Erik splits his time between east and west coasts during the year and practices at The Green Yogi when in his native South Bay.  Read on to be inspired AND have a good laugh!

Profession: #41 Fullback/Tight End for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, NFL

Nicknames: “E-LO”, “E”, “the Hebrew Hammer”, “Ray Long,” “Lorig”

Fun Fact: I’m Jewish, and obviously the most athletic mentsh you’ll ever see in the studio.

Who is your favorite instructor? All of the instructors at TGY are unique, and I use them all.  I especially look forward to Jamie Horgan’s class because her flows are fast and intense, which help my body and mind train for the game of football’s fast pace.  Also, her inversion program keeps my practice fun while also moving me off my feet.

What are your intentions for yoga practice?  To improve and maintain flexibility, train cardiovascular capacity, and recently to learn how to Center and Focus using  breathing techniques.  In my experience breathing techniques learned in the studio can directly be used on the football field too!

Do you have a favorite pose?  Ekkapada kundinyasana 2.  Aka flying pigeon, aka wow big dude doing cool yoga s**t

When you’re not at The Green Yogi where can we find you?  If I’m not on the mat in Manhattan Beach, you can find me surfing Rosecrans Avenue or sipping cappuccinos at Four Daughters.

What songs should be on every yoga playlist? Tiësto — Miami and Collie Buddz — Blind to You

What inspires you?  Talented and dedicated people in all crafts, great music beats, and of course my smart, talented, wise older sister Analeis.

How long have you been practicing yoga?  I’ve been a dedicated Green Yogi for three years, largely due to my sister’s insistence.  And to be able to make fun of Rachel a few times a week.


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