We all know how vital drinking water is for our health.  I’m one of those people with OCD when it comes to water, even with a half full water bottle I start to feel anxious and ironically, thirsty…  My husband affectionately says I’m a good sharer except when it comes to water, coffee, and sweets, I will neither confirm nor deny his allegation.

As a connoisseur of water I’ve tried more than my share of water bottles.  But I’m like Goldilocks, some are too small, some are too leaky, and the worst are the ones that make  water taste like plastic, metal, or chemically, truly unacceptable.

Which is why I am beyond happy I purchased a lifefactory water bottle from Bloume Baby  (the co-founder of lifefactory is a pediatric feeding specialist) and make baby bottles, sippy cups as well).  Sure $24.99 is a bit of an investment for a water bottle but this is not the water bottle from your AYSO days, those plastic one time use puppies take about 17 million barrels of crude oil annually to produce, over 80% of them end up in land fills, and frankly the water doesn’t taste very good.  It’s a one time cost that allows you to decide your water source, are made of glass instead of plastic, can easily be washed in the dishwasher, and are protected by a silicone shell.

image via lifefactory

Every list regarding better health in every publication always have the same tips: eat healthy food, exercise, sleep, and drink lots of water.  Of the 4 pillars drinking water is probably the easiest to accomplish daily.  Don’t like the taste of plain water?  Cut up some fruit to put in your bottle; cantaloupe, strawberries, blueberries, (any berry), cucumber, mint, oranges, lemons are all great options to add a little flavor.

So if you’ve tried every plastic BPA free, stainless steel, top rack dishwasher safe water bottle out there and aren’t satisfied embrace the glass.  It doesn’t hurt that they’re well designed and come in fun colors too!

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images via lifefactory

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