Yoga Heart

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What is Yoga Heart? It’s how I describe the way my heart feels when I practice yoga.  Whether I am able to practice every day or once in a full moon, when I walk out of The Green Yogi, my heart feels like it’s grown 100 times it’s normal size, why? Yoga Heart.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner I have the capacity of hearts on my mind.  Before my husband and I were engaged he said he measured success in love, if I wasn’t 100% positive I wanted to marry him before that comment, I was after.  Yoga is a practice of unconditional love.  In yoga we practice to love ourselves which strengthens our “bucket,” so whatever form of love finds us we are able to receive it, embrace it, and share it with others.

Not only is our heart emotionally stronger and healthier when we practice yoga it is actually physically stronger as well.  Recent studies have shown positive connections between yoga and improved heart health including

  • Reduction of high blood pressure
  • Improvement in treating symptoms of heart failure
  • Easing palpitations
  • Enhancing cardiac rehabilitation
  • Lowering cardiovascular risk factors such as cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels and stress hormones
  • Supporting regular heart rhythms

If you’ve practiced at The Green Yogi, you’ve probably experienced Yoga Heart.  If you haven’t yet you will, keep practicing self-love and you will see love manifest in your own life.  Attention to opening your heart brings health to your mind and spirit.  In the calm created, you have the opportunity to explore new aspects of yourself as you feel your breath creating more space throughout your chest and ribs.  To cultivate Yoga Heart in your own body here are some poses that will open your chest and let love in!

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