Butternut Squash Winter Salad


I can happily eat salad for lunch and dinner everyday, it’s easy to make, super healthy, and this warm butternut squash winter salad is no exception.  I was inspired to make this salad at home after loving a similar salad recently at Tin Roof Bistro!




Pomegranate Seeds


Chicken (optional)

Balsamic vinaigrette

Throw them in a bowl and enjoy!

Health Benefits in this delicious salad

Butternut Squash is low in fat, has loads of fiber (important for digestion), and provides significant amounts of potassium (bone health), B6 (nervous and immune system), folate (heart health and needed for pregnant women), carotenoids/flavonoids (heart health), betacarotene (fights cancer), anti-oxidants like vitamin C (immune boost), and is anti-inflammatory (keeps joints feeling good).

Spinach has many of the same properties as butternut squash!  It’s also low in fat, lots of fiber, flavonoids, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant rich Vitamin C, A, K, and E (great for skin, bone, and brain health).

Pomegranate Seeds not only give this salad a sweet crunch many studies show that the pomegranate is the most powerful nutrient dense foods for overall good health.  Chock full of anti-oxidants theses seeds are cancer fighting immune boosting power houses, eat up!

Feta, like all cheese has protein and calcium necessary for muscle repair and bone strength.

And finally chicken, I like adding a lean protein to my salads.  It helps satiate me and gives me energy.

Do you have a favorite salad recipe?

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