February Green Yogi Of The Month

I know it’s not quite February but we are excited for you to meet our Yogi of the Month, Cathy Strauss.  She is such an inspiration to us at The Green Yogi.  Not only has Cathy been practicing consistently since our doors opened in October 2009, she has been to over 415 Power Vinyasa Flow and Yin classes, and 50 classes alone in just the past 3 months!  She always enters our doors with a smile and is such a positive light in class, we are so honored she has made our studio her yoga home!

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Cathy Strauss

Profession: Owner of an apparel consulting business.

Fun Fact(s) about you: I am passionate about health and spend my free time reading blogs books, etc that deal with health.  I am always amazed and mesmerized at the capabilities of the human body.

Who is your favorite teacher and why? I love all the instructors at The Green Yogi.  I am a regular at Wendy’s noon class, Julie’s Tuesday and Thursday 9:30am class and Matt’s Sunday Yin class.  My goal is to try and get 5 classes in a week.

What are your intentions for your yoga practice? Flexibility, posture, and health.  I have always participated in sports but never took the time to stretch.  Yoga allows me to work on opening my body up and improving my posture.  I also find the breathing really helpful during stressful situations.

What inspires you? All the incredible natural beauty we have around us never ceases to amaze me.  Quiet time.

How long have you practiced yoga and how has it improved your life? I have consistently practiced sine The Green Yogi opened.  It is just up the street from my house, so it is very convenient.  Yoga has decreased my stress, given me strength and increased my spirituality.

When you aren’t on the mat, where can we find you?  At the beach, cooking in my kitchen, or exercising. (swim, tennis, strand walks, or beach volleyball)

What is your favorite yoga pose?  Sun salutations and forward bends.  Twists to make sure I’m wringing out toxins.  I also like balancing poses.

What song should be on every yoga playlist?  I like hearing the sound of the ocean or a thunderstorm during warm up or savasana.  I also like Over the Rainbow by Iz.

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