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Are you living your best life?  We are honored to host Taylor Wells, author of Create the Best Life Ever at The Green Yogi, Wednesday February 13th at 6:30pm!

If you haven’t heard of Taylor, she is the co-owner, co-founder, and co-director, with her husband, of Prana Power Yoga™ and is a force of light and love.

Taylor teaches yoga classes daily, runs five-studios in Massachusetts and New York, is a columnist for The Boston Herald, maintains a popular blog, writes for, and is a mother of five (two are twins). Not to mention two degrees, one from Brown the other from Columbia, NBD.

“For many years people have asked me, ‘Taylor, how is it that you do everything you do? You seem really happy, but are you a workaholic? Do you ever sleep?’” Wells says. “The truth is that I am very happy 99 percent of the time because it’s a discipline and a practice. And anyone can do this. Anyone can access these principles.”

Sound too good to be true? Just from email correspondence I can tell you she is legit, her happiness is infectious, you can’t help but smile after interacting with her.  In Create the Best Life Ever Taylor shares her happy making principles through her personal struggles.  She divulges raw experiences including failed enterprises, relationships, as well as an eating disorder.  We all have baggage, but Taylor inspires readers to shake it off and be disciplined enough to literally create a better life for themselves.

Prioritize your happiness and Be Inspired,


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