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If you have stayed healthy this cold and flu season you are one lucky yogi!  Like I’ve written about before the best offense is a good defense for your immune system.  Along with washing your hands regularly, exercise, rest, and balanced meals, Gabrielle Norton of Cause We Can Events explains which herbs can be especially beneficial to combat germs attacking you at every door handle!

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We can’t ignore the fact that when the thermostat starts to drop the colds, the flus and every other little bug that is floating around the air starts to attack. Don’t fret!  I have some herbal remedies that will help boost your immune system and prevent or eradicate  maladies in your body. The funny thing is, I read that when you eat lot’s of sugar and carbs, this makes your body an ideal playground for bacteria, it pays to eat healthy! So let’s take a look at some cold and flu prevention recipes, immunity boosters, and stress relievers.

Lemon water

Good for: weight loss, balancing your pH, giving your immune system a kick, clearing skin, aiding in digestion, just to name a few.

How to use: boil some water first thing in the morning, squeeze in the juice from half of a lemon and enjoy! Make sure to drink this on an empty stomach to maximize the health benefits.


Good for: your digestive system after a big meal, relieving headaches and toothaches and for lowering a fever. It is an antimicrobial and can be ingested in any amounts by adults and kids during illness or to curb your appetite.

How to use: steep as a yummy tea or rub fresh peppermint directly on your skin to bring down a fever.


Good for: stabilizing blood sugar. It’s antiviral and antibiotic too.

How to use: when sick, mix 1 tablespoon of cinnamon with a bit of honey in your green tea. Delicious and effective.


Good for: helping with nausea to boosting your immune system and helping with your digestive system, ginger is truly magical. It is said to also help bring down fevers and ease headaches associated with the flu. It’s also very effective as a sinus decongestant and we know some of us need it right now!

How to use: you can get an organic basic ginger tea and simply drink it as is or you can snack on little pieces of fresh ginger root.


Good for: calming nerves, sleeping better, and helping to reduce inflammation and fever.

How to use: drink as a tea before bed or if you have a common case of Pink Eye, soak a tea bag in warm water and place over your infected eye for 15 minutes every 2 hours and within 24 hours you’ll be all better.


Good for: building up the body’s defense mechanisms against sore throats, flu and chest infections. Loaded with vitamin C, this fruit that comes from the rose flower, can also help ease cramping associated with menstruation.

How to use: buy some rose hips and eat them.

Hope this has inspired you to take care of your body this cold and flu season. Take a peek at my Pinterest board for more ideas on how to use herbs and spices for health and healing.

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