Question: Is Yoga A Sport?

Answer: It Doesn’t Matter.

But apparently to some in the media, who I get it, have to have a story, the debate is on!

ABC recently reported yoga as “the fastest-growing sport in America, with 20 million people practicing.”  Awesome right?  Maybe it was the word ‘sport’ that Fox took issue with?  Maybe it was the fact that ABC included stats about the increasing number of kids practicing?  Maybe it’s because Fox doesn’t like ABC?

Do the semantics of ‘sport’ really matter here?

What defines a sport, the presence of a ball?  Nope.  Exhibit A, B, C etc: track and field, swimming, cycling, gymnastics, wrestling, do I need to continue?  Oh and a lot of people consider hunting and fisshing a sport, right.  The Fox co-host states “It’s not just about yoga. You see a trend that’s disturbing.” The guest responded “I think it is a trend that is the wussification of American.”  Good thing he has a book coming out called Grow A Pair...

What’s disturbing may I ask?  That yoga teaches compassion AND mental toughness?  Yoga improves strength AND flexibility?  Yoga builds self-esteem AND community?  Whatever it is the debate is moot.  Yoga is not trying to replace sports.  You can play football and have your yoga too, as demonstrated in previous posts of mine here, can you say XLVI Super Bowl Champs Fox and Friends?

So why in this day of age when obesity and sedentary diseases are increasing at the fastest rate in history is a network that influences (some of) the public’s opinion making fun at peoples choice of workout?  Oh I know why!  They’ve never taken one of Jamie’s, Mary’s, Heather’s, or any of the other teachers classes at The Green Yogi!!  My guess, they’d OM Uncle by their 20th vinyasa 🙂

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