DIY Gift Idea

My sweet friend just gave me one of the most thoughtful and unique gifts I’ve ever received.  I love it so much I’m excited to attempt to recreate it for my other friends in the future.


It is a Christmas ornament with our wedding invitation inside!  How cool is it to be able to recycle your paper wedding invitation and create a gorgeous ornament? We have a copy of our invitation but it is stored away in a box along with other sentimental cards from our wedding.  Obviously we never see it, but now once a year we get to enjoy a little piece from our special day.  Even my husband thought this was cool.

What you need

  1. clear glass ornament. most craft stores have these around Christmas time.
  2. wedding invitation.  or any sentimental paper keepsake.
  3. scissors

How to

  1. cut invitation into strips.  depending on the spacing of the invite (and the opening of your ornament) will determine how skinny or fat your cut your strips.  I think it’s nice to be able to read some of the information.
  2. curl the paper around your finger or a pen.
  3. thread the paper into your empty glass ornament.
  4. secure closure with ornament top then attach a hook or tie a pretty ribbon so you can hang it on a Christmas tree!

If you haven’t kept friends invitations in the past, pin this idea to remember for that special friend down the road.  Or do this for yourself!  It is such a cool way to honor and remember your special event.

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