Jamie Horgan’s Inspiration: Music and Yoga

“Music is the last true voice of the human spirit.  It can go beyond language, beyond age, and beyond color…straight to the heart and mind of all people.” – Ben Harper

Todays post comes from Green Yogi teacher and music guru, Jamie Horgan.  If you’ve taken her class you know she always has perfect playlists that allow us to flow and sweat in harmony with vibrations and melodies that truly enhance our practice.  And if you haven’t, get yourself to her class at The Green Yogi this Thursday, 12/20 at 7:30pm, she’s going to have DJ DDS accompany her!  

Now we get a sneak peak into how she designs her playlists {and her top 3 songs right now} to give us inspiring classes week after week.  Read on to Be Inspired, Kelly

Jamie’s current TOP 3 songs that everyone needs on their iPhone are

  1. Orange Sky- Alexi Murdoch
  2. I Shall Not Walk Alone- Ben Harper
  3. Healing Hands- Citizen Cope

Let’s talk about music.

Throughout my life, music has played a monumental role in my personal growth and healing.  From as far back as I can remember, there have been times where music has been my best friend; whom I’ve shared the peaks and valleys of my life with.  Music has an intrinsic ability to transcend a person instantaneously from one emotional state to the next.  Its language is universal, its impact speaks volumes, and it is the cure for the Human Condition.  Music has been one of the great loves of my life, and it’s a pleasure for me to share this blog with you – albeit it is the first blog I’ve ever written, so bear with me, as I may jump from one thought to the next.

I was asked to write this blog because of the passion, time and energy I put into making my Yoga playlists each week.  Making playlists has become a ritual for me, and it is quite therapeutic.  Each playlist has a unique dynamic and is tailor-made for each class sequence.  No stone is left unturned.  I put a lot of thought into how I build both the asana and the harmony in the music as one.  Each frequency must match.  Throughout this blog, I will share with you the significance of this and why it is relevant to Yoga.

Let’s talk about Yoga. 

Without going into too much depth, I’d like to give an overview of the benefits of Yoga, and how it has played an extensive, and paramount role in my life thus far.  By now, most of you have already experienced the physical, mental and emotional gains that Yoga has to offer. Personally, Yoga has taught me to stay calm when challenged, mindful when moving, sacred in my actions, and above all positive in my thinking – because without that, none of those other prior-mentioned aspects are conceivable.  Yoga has been a substantial contributing benefactor in my existence.   It has helped better me as a person, and continues to clear stagnant energy stored in my body.  Yoga has saved me in more ways than I can express, and it is a gift for me to be able to share that with others.

Music and Yoga.

Throughout history, music has been and continues to be, a significant feature in everyday life.  Music is everywhere.  It is a recognizable element that has been utilized at sporting events, during commercials, on television shows, movies, workout regimes, and so much more.  This is because of the impact it has on our psyche.  Music can tell a story and add an emotional emphasis that nothing else can.  It can represent a countless range of emotions and feelings.  So, it’s no secret that music can be an important facet to any Yoga class.

Since I started teaching Yoga over six years ago, I have always incorporated music within my teaching.  That is, unless, there was a power shortage, and we were left by candlelight, and the sound of the breath – which is a lovely contrast.  Every teacher has a different style and protocol for his or her classes; mine just happens to include music because I find the collaboration of music and Yoga to be very inspiring.  There is something powerful about collectively opening our bodies, and at the same time, being moved by music.  It becomes a dance, a moving meditation, and a symphony of breath.  Both music and Yoga are healing elements, and I feel that combining the two, can have a great impact on how we transform as individuals in our practice.  That is not to say that this does not happen in a class without music.  It most certainly does.  It’s simply a matter of preference.  Either way, it’s Yoga, and we will benefit.

My classes are built on a bell curve.  We start slowly, gradually climb, and conquer the peak.  Then we steadily head back down.  Most classes are designed this way.  So, when I build my playlists each week, I create the same apex with the song content; very much like a soundtrack for a movie.  I have found that the music not only inspires my teaching, but I see the inspiration and strength build with my students as well.  The breath synchronizes and so does their movement.  I see a lightness, grace and mindfulness in their body language.  It’s quite beautiful to watch.

By now, most of you know that I have a live DJ (DJ DDS) every third Thursday of each month in my 7:30 pm class at The Green Yogi.  Given my passion for playlists and music in general, it seemed like a natural progression for me to do something like this in my class.  I’m sure most of you have experienced how invigorating it can be to attend a live music concert.  Well, combine that with Yoga, and you will take flight.  This concurrence can be pretty magnificent.  It combines the collective energy of the group, and the vibration of the sound as one, to create a compelling practice.

In conclusion, I’m not sure how this music blog will unfold, but each month I plan on sharing with you music that inspires me.  So, tune in next time where I will share some of the music that resonates in my heart.

I will leave you with this quote by Friedrich Nietzsche:

Without Music, Life would be a mistake.

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