December Yogi Of The Month

Meet Emily Mitchell, our December Yogi Of The Month.  Emily is a health advocate and is on her mat on almost a daily basis.  She’s gone on retreats and taken Mukti Teacher Trainings to deepen her own practice and is truly an inspiration to her clients and all of us here at The Green Yogi!  

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Emil Mitchell

Profession Director of Sports Nutrition at UCLA- Dietitian/Sports Nutritionist

Fun Fact: I have an incredibly hard time sitting still.  Yoga is the only thing that has worked to allow me to sit in stillness.

Who is your favorite teacher and why? That’s a hard one. I love all the Mukti teachers.  Julie has been such a tremendous inspiration and mentor in my life, she always challenges me both mentally and physically on the mat.  I love Jamie’s flow and the way that Wendy knows the body.

What are your intentions for your yoga practice? To prevent injuries and help me to find a balance in my life and to allow me to relax!

What inspires you? My goal with my life is to make a difference in the world and to leave it a better place then when I entered it.  Through my work, seeing people improve their health is so inspirational.

How long have you practiced yoga and how has it improved your life? I found yoga over 3 years ago to help heal my body from a running injury.  I have been practicing yoga consistently since I found Mukti yoga and the Green Yogi!  Yoga has healed me both inside and out.  I hope to continue practicing yoga throughout my life.  I call the Green Yogi my second home and family!

When you aren’t on the mat, where can we find you? Running 🙂 walking my dog- Otis, or watching sports!

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