Eat Healthy Be Healthy

Starbucks has fueled my addiction to pumpkin with their Pumpkin Bread in years past…  So in search of a healthier alternative to pumpkin desserts I came across these 42 calorie Pumpkin Cookies.  They were so good!  I used almond flour and gluten free flour instead of whole wheat, agave instead of sugar, and then added dark chocolate, yum.

We’ve all heard it, “you are what you eat.” We know what we fuel our body with has a direct relationship to our mood, health, and performance.  Why wait until January 1st to manifest healthy eating?  If it was this easy though to always eat healthy most of us would probably be at least 5 pounds lighter and way more energized…  It takes a bit of planning, but give yourself a fighting chance this holiday season, stock up on or make healthy alternatives to the yummy but gut busting treats.

Same goes for when you’re at work, just bring your goodies along.  So when those generous clients of yours send over a box of Sprinkles Cupcakes or 2 pound box of Sees Candy in thanks for all your hard work, you can walk right by since you know you have something delicious and healthy waiting for you at your desk.

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