Yogic Shopping

image via victoria advocate

Oh Cyber Monday.  If you’re like me you had 5 times as many emails in your inbox this morning with attention grabbing subjects like 50% OFF, FREE SHIPPING, CYBER MONDAY SALE, or some variation of these…

But as I clicked through the barrage of promotions I came across one very cool concept from a site called Fashioning Change.  It’s an online eco-chic boutique that showcases sustainable and charity minded designers.  About time right?  (Plus it’s 40% off until the end of today)

What’s even cooler is you take a very quick “quiz” to filter through options you’d actually like.  For example, how much do you usually spend on a dress and bag, what charities do you usually give to, what stores do you most shop at, etc.  They then form a profile and you can then shop based on your Style, Causes, Personality, or Likes, genius.

As a consumer I’m always looking for consciously minded brands that are doing something for others and I think I’ve found the optimal site!  What are your go-to brands?

Be Inspired,



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