DIY: Eco-Chic Banner

This blog post comes from the multi-talented Mary Strong. One of Mary’s many talents is as an eco-chic designer, she has exquisite taste and is not afraid to Do It Herself.  In celebration of our Anniversary Month, Mary created a one of a kind banner and so many yogis asked how she made it we wanted to share her creation with you all here.  Be Inspired.  

The longest part of this process was standing in line at Joanne’s waiting for my fabric to be cut. But once I gathered my items, the banner took less than an hour to make!

Here’s what you need: (all can be found at a large fabric store and around your house)

1-yard burlap fabric

1 stencil sponge

eco paints- any color (I chose red and white. I used the white for the letters and combined the colors to make pink for the butterflies)

letter stenciles

cord or twine

2 paper bags

Step #1

Cut your burlap fabric into small squares. Use your stencil to determine how much room you need, and make sure there is enough space around each letter. Also, leave a little room at the top so you can fold it over the twine…I would say about 2-3 inches. Use your first square as a guide to cut the rest of your squares.


Step #2

Pour your eco paints into a bowl and place your burlap square on a paper bag. Place your letter stencil on the fabric and use your stencil sponge to dab the paint over it. Place the finished square on a separate paper bag to dry.


Step #3

After letters are dry, measure out your cord or twine. Fold the top of the burlap fabric over the cord and staple the upper corners of the fabric. Try not to staple the cord. The letters should be able to move freely along the cord. Note: make sure to turn the stapler upside down so the larger metal side of the staple is in the back.


Step #4

Slide the fabric letters along the cord where you want them, and place clear push pins in the wall where you plan to hang your banner. Tie the ends around the pins and voila! And instan eco-friendly sign! Hand made with love…the best addition to any occasion.

Much Love,


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