Coconut Love

Lately it’s hard to ignore coconut based products and for good reason, they’re kind of amazing.  What’s even better?  The purest forms: the water, oil and butter, called macca (the meat of the coconut) are the easiest to use and offer the most health benefits.

By incorporating coconut into your routine you’ll experience better brain power, shinier hair, more radiant skin, a protected heart, improved digestion, and a hydrated body.  Plus for vegans and lactose intolerant yogis you get the bonus of having a healthy butter that has 12% fiber and 9% protein per serving.  Like I said, amazing!

You can now find coconut butter, oil, and water in most grocery stores.  And ever since a memorable vacation to Panama, where we sipped the water directly from the coconut, I treat myself occasionally with the refreshing drink at the Manhattan Beach Farmer’s Market.  So good.


  1. Cooking.  Add the water to your morning smoothie instead of milk, replace your vegetable oil for your baked goods, take a spoonful of the butter to saute your veggies, it can really be used to replace all traditional butters and oils.
  2. Topically.  Coconut oil is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, just slather it on.
  3. Conditioner.  Heat up your coconut oil in the sun or on the stove if it’s chilly outside and use it as a conditioning treatment.
  4. Lotion.  Take your coconut oil, emulsify it between your hands, and apply all over.  It’s a lotion that smells incredible and actually edible.
  5. Hydration.  Coconut water is superior to all sugary sports drinks because it is naturally chock full of electrolytes and minerals necessary to rehydrate after a sweaty vinyasa flow.  Full disclosure: good old H2O in my opinion is the gold standard, but some people never drink it because it’s too plain…  Coconut water tastes delicious and is the next best thing to hydrate.

Coconut Fun Fact

Coconut oil is about 50% lauric acid,(the acid responsible for coconuts many health properties) the only other liquid on earth that compares is human breast milk.  What nourishes our babies can nourish us too, powerful stuff!

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