Be Inspired

“Words are powerful.”  Joanne Galey

Our words have the power to inspire courage and love.  Our words have the power to inspire us to live our best lives.  Our words have the power to strengthen us to leave toxic environments and start down new unchartered paths.

Case in point, Joanne Galey found The Green Yogi after returning from a yoga retreat that so empowered her a year and a half ago.  Realizing she needed the same strength on a local level Joanne tried Mary’s Vinyasa Flow and never looked back.

The teachers, studio, and our mantra, Be Inspired, helped plant the seeds, which Joanne nurtured in to a successful organizational, personal assistant, pet care, and moving business, The Help, as well as her Blog. “Because we all need a little help sometimes.”

Joanne is such an inspiration to us at The Green Yogi.  During an incredibly challenging time in her life, but with faith in herself and a little help, she followed her passion and started over.   Joanne radiates joy and now lends her creativity and expertise to her clients providing them with the “resources, tools, and ability to restore order, create balance, and instill harmony in their lives.”

We are so honored she is a Green Yogi.

Have you ever been inspired by words?

Be Inspired,



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