Apple Cider Vinegar

There are always “new” super foods…  Most have been around forever and we rediscover them.  Chia seeds, kale, flax, kombucha, goji berries, etc. and they promise amazing results.  But I haven’t experienced one that offers as many benefits as the product we all already have sitting in our pantry, apple cider vinegar.

Now, drinking vinegar may not sound super appealing.  However, how does combatting diabetes, cancer, high cholesterol, and promoting weight loss sound?  These claims are backed up by scientific evidence.  With just 2 teaspoons a day the results can literally change your life.  Just mix it into your salad dressing, take it like a shot or pour into your drink du jour.  There are even more supposed health benefits: fights body odor, treats acne, age spots, and cellulite, relieves digestive tract pain, improves stamina, and strengthens the immune system.  However there are other products that may do an even better job than ACV to prevent or lessen these symptoms.

Not to be Debbie Downer, but there’s risk with everything though ACV’s risk is pretty low, but best to be aware!  It’s acidic (acetic acid to be exact) which can damage tooth enamel if you take too much.  That being said if you already have acid reflux I’d avoid putting gasoline on your fire.  Long term use could lower your potassium levels, which is bad for people with low bone density or diagnosed osteoporosis.  If you have diabetes or a heart condition there is a chance ACV could interact with medication you’re currently taking.  SO, always ask your doctor before starting something new.

But if you’re like me and prefer homeopathic solutions to pharmaceuticals there are so many benefits in this liquid, which no one pill can compete.

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  1. This cures heart burn, so does HCL…love this stuff, it cures yeast rashes on babies bottoms as well! I dilute it with water and a drop of lemon/essential oil and spray it on baby bottom after diaper changes to regulate ph. Love! Thanks Kelly

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