Yogi’s of the Summer Months!

There were some pretty amazing yogis this summer at The Green Yogi!  Nicole Berry, the Caputo Family (those that practice together stay together), and Callie Goforth were all honored.  Read on to Be Inspired.

Yogi of June: Nicole Berry

Who is your favorite instructor? This question is too hard to answer; I have never had a class at the Green Yogi that was not great and inspiring.

What is your favorite asana? To keep learning about different facets of yoga, getting stronger and more open.  Also get better at arm balancing – and get over my fears about handstand and forearm balance!

When you aren’t on the mat, where can we find you? Usually chasing after my three kids.  I have four year old twin boys and a little girl who is almost 3.  They are incredibly energetic and entertaining and keep me very busy.

What song would you like to hear on every yoga playlist? There are so many great songs that I hear in yoga class; I really enjoy discovering new music in class more than I look to hear particular songs.

What inspires you? My kids are my inspiration for everything I do.

 How has yoga improved your life? I started practicing about 7 years when I took a break from practicing law.  After years of being hunched over a desk my body was incredibly tight.  Yoga helped me find space and strength that I did not realize I would have again, as well as balance in my life off my mat.  It reminds me to just breathe….

Yogi’s of July: The Caputo Family

Who is your favorite teacher and why? We like them all and believe that each brings something different and useful depending on what you desire for the day.

What is your favorite yoga pose? Lisa- uttanasana, Mike- vinyasa, Skylar- Bakasana and Hayley- Balasana 

What song should be on every yoga playlist? Anything by Jack Johnson and Donavon Frankenreiter.

 When you aren’t on the mat, where can we find you? Snowboarding, stand-up paddle boarding and playing volleyball

How long have you been practicing yoga and how has it improved your life? More than 4 years. It has enabled us to live an athletic life while dealing with long and short-term injuries.

 Yogi of August: Callie Goforth

Fun fact:Callie is getting married in September in her hometown of Mammoth Lakes, CA.

Who is your favorite teacher and why? I love all the instructors! But Mary & Jamie see me the most. Jamie’s Saturday class is always a great start to the weekend.

What is your favorite yoga pose? Spinal twist and pigeon release tension after a long day!

When you aren’t on the mat, where can we find you? I try to find balance in life between work and play. I enjoy my job but also make my family a priority. We love hiking, riding our beach cruisers, playing at the beach or park, eating fresh food and moving the living room furniture to practice arm balances!

How long have you practiced yoga and how has it improved your life? I’ve been practicing yoga for about 5 years, but I have progressed the most during the past year at The Green Yogi. Yoga has become a necessity that my body & mind can’t live without.

What inspires you? Amy’s arms, Jamie’s flow and Mary’s welcoming smile of course! I am also inspired by nature, love, color, music, a good book (have you read Unbroken?), strength, family and friends.

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