Vegan AND Gluten Free Dinner Party…

Even before having a baby, that’s asleep by 8pm every night, having friends over for dinner was one of my favorite ways to spend an evening.  It’s comfortable, relaxing, not to mention economical!  Especially these days when the babysitter charges $15 an hour to watch the baby… sleep!

Last week my husband and I had our lovely friends over to catch up over food and wine.  Normally our go to appetizers would be simple finger foods like olives, nuts, melon and prosciutto, maybe some cheeses.  Main dishes, usually something grilled in the fish or chicken family.  Sides would consist of rice and veggies sprinkled with a bit of cheese.  And for dessert, fresh fruit with ice cream or chocolate if I’ve planned ahead.

Now imagine my panic  pleasant recollection that one of our friends is vegan and can’t have gluten for health reasons, gulp.

After quickly brainstorming I realized we actually had a couple options in our recipe stable that would satisfy all eaters.  Where we didn’t, Whole Foods Recipes to the rescue:)

What We Served


Mixed nuts, fresh melon plain or with prosciutto (my husband is a carnivore) and red pepper, cucumber, hummus, plus 2 types of crackers (I found a delicious rosemary flavored gluten free cracker called Flackers)


Dinner and Sides

My husbands family has been making Grilled Portobello Mushroom Burgers with sauteed garlic and fresh avocado and tomatoes on top for years, this is a similar recipe (whole wheat buns for carb lovers romaine lettuce leaves for gluten avoiders) I also realized the smooth side of the mushroom is perfect for one half of a bun/lettuce leaf!

Grilled Corn on the Cobb, olive oil instead of butter

Zesty Quinoa with Sun Dried Tomatoes, Broccoli, and Cashews.  I’d never made this before but my Whole Foods Recipe App came in handy again.


Fresh Berries

Strawberries in colander

I can proudly say the dinner was a gastronomical success.  You know it’s yummy if guests ask for recipes!

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