Food Storage Continued…

Inspiration!  My last post got me thinking about how to completely eliminate plastic from our house, with back to school around the corner my first project: alternatives to ziploc baggies.

I don’t even want to know how many sandwich bags I’ve used once and tossed in the trash in my lifetime.  So like Tim McGraw says, “I’ll do it better in my next 30 years.”

With a quick search I found a perfect solution on squidoo.

Super cute colors, eco-chic design, BPA and PVC free as well as phthalate and lead free, washable, durable, close via a Velcro strip, and the perfect way to “green” my lunch and snack times at The Green Yogi.  Bonus, it folds out in an 8″x 12″ placemat too.

If you’re not sure you want to splurge on $6 sandwich bags to decrease your use of plastic, consider three frightening facts from squidoo…  

An average elementary school student eating homemade lunches generate between 45 and 90 pounds of plastic baggies, foil pouches, and other packaging waste each year.

Plastic bags do not biodegrade.  However, they break into smaller bits over thousands of years and although smaller stick around forever.

Ocean water samples have shown more plastic particles than plankton.  There is a plastic island of floating garbage debris in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

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  1. Reusable sandwich bags are great – I’ve tried a couple different brands and love Re-Pac Bags. They’re machine washable! They can go in the washing machine or on the dishwasher top rack!

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