London 2012, an eco chic Olympics

At least it’s the most environmentally conscious of any modern day Olympics, the Brits have raised the bar for all future host cities!

The Olympic Stadium, the lightest of its kind, was built with about 10% of the steel used for Bejing’s Bird Nest, and used leftover gas pipelines for part of it’s tubular roof.  In addition to innovative building supplies and restoration of some of the most degraded land for event sites, the London Olympic committee made limited energy and water consumption a top priority.

 image via formula1onlive

With London’s closing ceremonies this Sunday the green effort will not be forgotten.  Several US professional sport organizations are already limiting their footprints on the environment.  In Seattle, the Mariners pocketed a million bucks over 5 years by reducing their natural gas, electricity, and water use.  There are wind turbines at Progressive Field in Cleveland,  and solar panels at Bush Stadium and Staples Center.  While The Green Yogi has been on the forefront, of yoga and fitness studios, since its inception eliminating unnecessary waste, using renewable building materials, and minimizing it’s environmental impact.

Although sports (and yoga studios) don’t have as big of an environmental impact as say the car industry, they are woven in to the culture of our lives, which creates a uniquely apolitical opportunity to highlight energy issues.  As American as apple pie hopefully soon too will be energy efficiency in sports and yoga fans.

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