Would you want yoga to be an Olympic sport?

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Proponents of the practice becoming a competitive Olympic event (there already are other yoga competitions) are only suggesting the asana limb of yoga be judged.  But is that really yoga?

To some it’s a bizarre notion to turn yoga, which at it’s core is accepting, loving and mindful into a competitive, intimidating, stress inducing experience.   We’re all told over and over yoga is a practice, to not judge ourselves or others, and there is no perfection.  Nadia‘s perfect 10’s would be a Catch 22 in Olympic Yoga…

Furthermore, Olympic sports are all incredibly unique.  No player of one sport could possibly dominate in another.  A player on the dream team could not compete with the track stars.  Nor could an archer try and swim the 200 Individual Medley.  But after watching the gymnasts and rhythmic gymnasts I have a feeling most of them could give any yogi a run for their money, at least in a yoga asana competition.

However, including yoga in the Olympic games could be instrumental in inspiring more people to practice although showing only one very small aspect of yoga.  It’ll be interesting to see what happens, who knows we all might be watching some strong Down Dogs come Brazil 2016!

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