Plant a Garden

I love cooking, but I really dislike grocery shopping, especially for fresh herbs…  I’m never able to use all them before they go bad and HATE wasting food.

Photo: You can now enjoy FRESH MINT TEA in our garden after class! Mint cleanses the blood, improves mood, balances hormones and is packed with vitamin A, C and B12.   Just pluck some leaves and add hot water!

I was at the studio last week and was so inspired by the newest addition to The Green Yogi‘s beautiful garden, mint!

So I got myself over to The Home Depot later that day and paid $25 for rosemary, basil, thyme, and parsley plants as well as 2 patio tomato plants, fortunately I had 2 surviving tomato plants that came back and I already had some wicker baskets and organic potting soil from my gardening adventure 2 springs ago.  Later that day I spent 30 minutes planting/watering the new additions, placed them on the ledge where they’ll have full sun, and enjoyed the yummy aromas.


Since planting I’ve used the basil and tomatoes for an eggplant parmesan, the rosemary and thyme for a roasted chicken, and the parsley for a zucchini and squash pizza.  It makes cooking so much easier, I don’t have to plan out all our meals on Sundays, I can just buy a couple proteins, lots of veggies and get creative with the herbs during the week.  LOVE.

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