Healthy Travel Tips

Going on vacation?  Want to come home feeling relaxed AND healthy?  I just got back from Lake Tahoe so I’ve compiled easy things to do while away from home this summer season.

 image via my father in law, Joe Chrisman

Before you even get to the airport or load up the car check out healthy eateries on sites like, you can literally map out your entire trip.  I’ve also never been lead astray by Rick Steve’s travel guides, great for overseas trips.  Trying local food is one of my favorite vacation activities and I want to ensure that I don’t waste calories on subpar restaurants.

Pack snacks if you’re headed to the airport or on a road trip.  Avoid the chicken nachos and sugary margarita!  I wish I’d written this post before we left because I failed and felt muy malo on the plane…  Instead make sandwiches at home.  Turkey or chicken sandwiches with avocado and hummus on whole wheat travel well and fill you up (we did this on the way home).   Bring lots of fruit to snack on that help hydrate like cherries, grapes, and apples.  Nuts also fill you up, provide much needed protein, and satisfy your salt tooth.  I like to make my own trail mix with the 50% less salt cashews, sunflower seeds, and almonds from Trader Joes, raisins, and dark chocolate chips.  Yum.

After going through security, shell out the $4.50 for a bottle of water.  Flying dehydrates you and when you’re thirsty you actually feel more hungry than you really are,  plus you’re skin will thank you.  If you’re not an H2O kind of person Coconut Water like Vita Coco has now become a standard option in airport and gas station coolers.

While on the plane take a walk up and down the aisle every hour, it will help with circulation and decrease swollen cankles ankles.  If you’re driving, when you pull over to use the restroom walk around for about 10 minutes, it’ll perk you up too.

Back in your seat you can stretch your outer hips with a modified reclining pigeon.  Ground down through your sit bones in your seat, cross your right ankle over your left knee keeping your foot flexed, lift your chest toward the sky keeping a flat back and begin to melt your heart toward your right shin.  Notice if your hips and shoulders have shifted, if so square them to the seat in front of you.  Hold for 3-5 minutes as you take long even breaths through your nose.  Switch.

Tight shoulders?  Eagle Arms.  Cross your right elbow under your left, wrap your right hand around and your left arm and press your palms together.  Lift elbows in line with your nose then melt them to chest level, repeat a couple times.  Hold arms in the lower position then reach your hands toward the seat in front of you.  I like to roll my head from side to side here too.  Hold for 3-5 minutes then switch.

image via Yoga Journal

In Tahoe our days were filled with wake boarding, hikes, bike rides, stand up paddling, and long walks through town.  But if you’re vacation isn’t inherently active start your days with sun salutations.  Start slowly with 3-10 rounds of Surya A to wake your body up then build more heat with 3-10 rounds Surya B.  You’ll be more awake and it won’t be a shock to your system when you come when you return home and take your first yoga class!

How do you travel?

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the crew

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