Summer Vacation

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The summer music yoga festival is not a new idea, Sri Swami Satchidanada introduced yoga to the West at the first Woodstock back in 1969!  As yoga has increased in popularity at a break neck pace so has it’s inclusion  in vacationers summer “vacay” plans.

If you have not made your travel plans yet check out some of your options below, there are even a couple retreats offered by Green Yogi teachers!  What’s the cost to take the time to unwind in a beautiful spot, enjoy amazing yoga teachers and performers, meet like minded folks, and return home in better shape than when you left?  Priceless.

  • Retreat includes:
    • Healthy organic meals
    • Yoga twice daily: one yin and one yang class
    • Hiking
    • Accommodation in mountain chalet, 8rooms
    • Local wines and beers

  • Evolvefest, Vernon, New Jersey, August 31 – September 3,         
  • Bhakti Fest, Joshua Tree, California, September 6-9,               
  • Living Yoga Retreat, Location TBD, October 4-8, 2012

Join Linda Baffa and Chelsea Welch for this ashram-style retreat.  There will be a Shanprakshalana (morning cleanse), enjoy three yoga classes, experience meditation and breathwork, and be given tools for living a pure yogic lifestyle. While this can be taken as a Mukti Yoga Teacher Training School 50-hour Elective, it is a wonderful back-to-basics retreat for any yogi.

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