Why do yogis end every class with this word?

Yoga - Namaste Hands

Because it translates directly to “I bow to you,” and I’ve always liked the thought that it means “may the divine in me meet and honor the divine in you.”

When I first started practicing yoga I just wanted to sweat.  I had no idea what anyone was mumbling and I had no interest in asking at the end of class.  But yoga is sneaky, the more you do it them more you realize there’s a wealth of knowledge brimming under the cool music and black luon…  And speaking the word Namaste was my first forage into the language of yoga.

When we bring our hands to prayer at our heart chakra, this beautiful and simple gesture is a way for each of us to connect with Divine love.  Paired with a bowed head and closed eyes our minds are more able to surrender to the Divine love which is in each of our hearts.

As a teacher I initiate Namaste at the end of class as a symbol for absolute truth, gratitude, and love for the people taking my class (or reading my blog.)  The truth is we are all one when when we live from our hearts.



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