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Have you ever tried a juice cleanse?  Are you curious?  I have never tried one personally but reliable sources tell me a cleanse can be invigorating as well as delicious and the perfect way to detoxify your physical, mental, and spiritual body.

The Green Yogi‘s Amy Beausang has enjoyed the powerful benefits of juice cleanses firsthand.  Amy felt so passionately about the importance of cleansing she recently started BeJuice Clean.  The combination of yoga and clean eating, in her view, is a multi layered journey that inspires a true connection within the individual.  Amy’s yoga classes are physically challenging holistic explorations of the whole self mind, body, and spirit. While adding a cleanse to your repertoire can elevate your yoga practice and life into undiscovered territory.  The simultaneous dedication of a cleanse and yoga practice can help you sweat, smile, laugh and learn how to connect with yourself in a unique way every time you roll out your mat.

Although weight loss is not the purpose of BeJuice Clean’s 3 day cleanse, with summer weather around the corner, it is a sweet bonus!  We all want to look our best, but more importantly we want to feel rejuvenated and energized as we embark on the upcoming hot days and warmer nights.

The main reason you might want to consider a juice cleanse is because in our intestines most of us carry around 5-10 pounds of toxic matter.  By consuming vegetable and fruit based juices you can consume WAY more vitamins and minerals that would be nearly impossible through regular eating.  In addition, your digestive system doesn’t have to expend energy on digesting and absorbing nutrients from solid foods.  Rather your body uses energy to focus on detoxifying your filtration organs; the liver, kidney, intestines and colon.  The benefits can range from luminous skin, extra energy, decreased scar tissue, improved joint movement, weight loss, better mood, and even an increased state of consciousness.

What you get in the 3 day cleanse…

If you’re interested talk to Amy, she teaches at The Green Yogi every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9:30AM. email her at or check out her website, 

Let your toxins be cleansed and Be Inspired,


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