Naked Ladies Party…

…let me explain!  Us gals at The Green Yogi like new clothes.  But we also like to be “green” as well as save some green while we’re at it.  Hence the Naked Ladies Party!

The deal is everyone sifts through their closets and drawers, edits out clothes they once loved but are now ready to pass on, gather at a house (this time it was mine), lay out the bounty according to type: t-shirts, dresses, pants, you get the idea, and then everyone goes shopping.  If you see something you love you keep it, if you see something that a friend would love you pass it their way, and whatever’s left over is donated.

Miss Megan previewing the goods

I had 3 grocery bags of clothes to donate and walked away with the perfect pair of white ankle length skinny jeans for summer, a bright purple Michael Stars tank (goes great with the jeans), a Velvet white long sleeve top, and 2 Vince sweaters.  I seriously scored.

The party is a true win win.  Fun night with your friends, more space in your closet, new clothes to wear, save money, save resources by not buying new garments, and donate everything else to charity (we had 9 trash bags)!!

Just warn your husband before he walks in to a living room filled with yogi ladies in different stages of undress;)

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