Moment Meditation

Last week I wrote about Green Yogi owner, Mary Strong’s , experience with meditation to find the answer to her question, “what is my purpose?”

Using meditation this way is enlightening.  I personally used mediation recently to help me with the natural/unmedicated birth of my son.  It was the most INTENSE pain I’ve ever experienced, however… between contractions I was able to be essentially in a Savasana state, because I practiced meditation.  I would do it again in a second…  or maybe about 4 years when I’m ready for baby #2!

But we don’t all need to deliver a baby or figure out our life’s path everyday.  What we do need most days are moments of peace that invigorate our minds and bodies.  How can we accomplish this during our busy and stressful days?  Meditation works really well for this too.

I came across this youtube video on YogaDork the other day and it does an awesome job demonstrating how to meditate in a minute.  Through practice, this minute can be whittled down to a moment, basking you in a glow of peace and bliss as you continue your day.  Everyone has a minute to push the pause button on life.  Set a reminder in your iPhone or Crackberry at the same time everyday and incorporate it into your daily routine.  I guarantee you’ll notice a shift within yourself sooner rather than later.

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