Teacher Interview: Jamie Horgan

Meet Jamie Horgan. Mukti Yoga Senior Teacher, music aficionado, and a beautiful model for HARD TAIL FOREVER. Her classes on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 7:30pm and Saturday morning at 8:00am are must try’s if you haven’t already! You should be prepared to sweat your bum off, zen out to cool jams, and bliss out in Jamie’s innovative and super fun power flow. Lucky for us Jamie recently took the time to answer some of my questions that I’d been wanting to ask my fellow yoga teachers at The Green Yogi, read on and Be Inspired! ~Kelly

Why did you initially start practicing yoga?

I had fractured my elbow in 3 places, and when I got my cast off, I couldn’t straighten my arm due to the calcium deposit build up around the scar tissue. My doctor said that if I ever wanted to be able to straighten my arm again, I needed to do something quickly. He strongly suggested Yoga.

What do you love most about your own practice?

I love the strength and clarity it gives me off of the mat. When I’m faced with a challenge, my practice reminds me to breathe, be present and just relax. I also love the sense of community my practice gives me. I love practicing side-by-side with familiar faces and friends. Love is always in the air.

Who is your favorite yoga teacher?

I have two. Julie Rader and Jo Tastula. They are both Earth Angels.

Why did you want to start teaching yoga?

Because I felt so inspired by my teacher, Julie Rader. She helped me to transform my life in a more positive direction. I wanted to share that gift and have the same impact on people.

At The Green Yogi our motto is Be Inspired, what inspires you in your daily life and teachings?

My Yoga practice inspires me. The more I practice, the more I clear space in my life for all the wonderful opportunities and blessing that are presented on a daily basis. The more open I become, the more beautiful my life becomes. It’s all perception really. When I teach I’m inspired by how rewarding it is to see people transform not only on their mat, but off of their mat. To see the light switch on just like it did for me. There is nothing more beautiful.

Has yoga helped you to overcome anything in your own life?

It’s helped me to overcome fear. I suppose that’s why I love arm balancing and inversions so much. They help to liberate me.

In your opinion, what are the greatest health benefits of practicing yoga?

Stress relief is the biggest. Stress is very dangerous and I don’t think people even realize how stressed out they really are until they experience Yoga for the first time. Sometimes we get so used to feeling a certain way that it feels natural to feel that way. Yoga not only can heal physical injury, but it can heal mental and emotional injuries as well. I know this mainly from my personal experience and from watching students transform.

What is one piece of advice you would give to your students?

To be patient with the learning process. It’s good to have a healthy, ambitious Yoga practice, but to not push yourself over the limit. And to always rest when needed. This concept needs to be taken off of the mat as well. Giving yourself time to vacation and be playful. As young adults and adults, it’s easy to get caught up in priorities and lose sight of what’s important. At some point, life becomes so serious. We need to reverse that and go back to our playful roots.

When you’re not at the studio teaching and leading Teacher Trainees, how do you spend your free time?

Playing outside, enjoying a good movie or book, hanging with friends, traveling and learning new things. Lately, I’ve been taking Capoeira lessons!

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