Anne’s Jewelry

Have you met the lovely and artistic Anne Spinner?  If not, she is an amazing painter, photographer, jewelry designer and yoga teacher.  You can take her awesome classes on Mondays and Wednesdays at 4:30pm at The Green Yogi as well as see and buy her beautifully cool jewelry that she creates from materials from her worldly travels.

Right now some of her bracelets, at the studio, are inspired from her most recent trip to Turkey.  They are made from hand blown glass beads and many are accented with the Evil Eye, which wards off “evil looks” from ill-wishing people and helps protect your own energy.  On a side note… my family and I took a trip to Istanbul 3 years ago and literally every person and building we walked by or into had some form of the Evil Eye prominently hung to ward off these types of envious people’s injurious looks.

Anne has also created gorgeously hand made necklaces incorporating gemstones, which balance energies in the body, linen waxed cords, charms she has found while traveling, and personally designed bronze or sterling clasps.

Next time your in The Green Yogi check out her jewelry and if you haven’t taken an Anne Spinner yoga class you’re missing out on a fun playlist, creative sequence, and killer class…  You won’t be sorry if you sneak out of work a little early on a Monday or Wednesday to make her 4:30!

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