Yogi Of The Month, Alex Curry

Congratulations to April’s Yogi Of The Month, Alex Curry!  She is one of The Green Yogi’s regulars and a true inspiration to all of us at the studio.  Read on to learn more about what inspires Alex.

Who is your favorite instructor?

I have multiple favorites! Heather’s classes got me addicted to yoga, I love expanding my practice with Julie, Mary’s great for a core workout and Matt’s class is my afternoon delight.

What is your favorite asana?

I get a burst of excitement and feel the most confident and grounded in tree pose…But it’s the vinyasa flow that brings me back everyday.

 When you aren’t on the mat, where can we find you?

All over the place! For the next 6 months I’ll be everywhere the LA Angels are, hosting Angels Weekly for Fox Sports West. But when I’m not working, I’m on the beach, bike riding, blogging, hiking or on an adventure! I try to be outdoors as much as possible.

What song would you like to hear on every yoga play list?

Matt’s entire playlist should be on repeat at The Green Yogi…It’s AMAZING!

What inspires you?

Knowing that we have the power to make our dreams a reality. You just have to believe in yourself, then get up and do it.

How has yoga improved your life?

Yoga has taught me to slow down, appreciate each moment and let go of the things that aren’t positive in my life. It’s become my mantra and lifestyle.

For more info check out http://www.alex-curry.com/ and follow her on Twitter @Alex_Curry 

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