Mommy and Me Yoga

For all you mommy and daddy yogis out there you will be happy to know Chelsea Welch, yoga teacher, mala jewelry designer , and doula is now teaching Mommy and Me Yoga at The Green Yogi!

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If you have taken her Power Vinyasa class on Sundays at 4:30pm or her Relaxing Yin class on Fridays at 6pm you know how amazing she is.  But if you haven’t had the opportunity yet because you are a new parent this is your chance.  I can speak first hand to her ability with new mom’s and babies because she was our doula and just helped my husband and me welcome our little boy in to this wonderful world this past Tuesday morning.   What’s a doula?  A doula is a trained professional that gives physical, emotional and informational support to moms and dads before, during and after birth, .  Thanks to her we were able to execute our natural birth plan, no drugs or interventions, at the hospital and are over the moon with pride and love for our new son.

Because I know personally how talented she is I can’t wait to get back in to the studio, when our son is old enough, to get back to my practice and to expose him to all the benefits yoga has to offer.

Class Information

Description: For new moms/dads to practice yoga with their babies, aged 6 weeks to 18 months.  This 90-minute class is a perfect way to get “me” time, while bonding with your baby. You will move, breathe, dance, stretch, and strengthen with your bundle of joy right by your side. Chelsea makes the process of connecting with your body and your baby, easy and fun. The best time to come is 6 to 8 weeks after delivery.  For babies, the class offers a safe and nurturing environment to explore movement and body awareness. Since mom or dad is the primary focus of the class, babies learn how to attach and then separate, allowing for the development of both connection and independence.  Tea will be served in our outdoor oasis after class to connect with other new moms, ask questions, and bond.  Please feel free to bring anything you need to make your baby comfortable during this 90-minute class. Age Range: 2 to 18 Months Old

When: Every Tuesday through April 24th 2012.  (Chelsea had to miss this week because she was with us at the hospital!)

Time: 11am-12:15pm

Price: $90 for 6 week series or $18 for single session    

Hope to see you and your little one in class!

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